Best Potting Soil for Indoor Plants 2020 Review

Black Gold Perfect Potting Soil
Minute Soil – Indoor Gardening
Burpee – Garden Coir
Burpee – Potting Mix

An indoor gardener knows that you can never go any less than the best potting soil for indoor plants. The potting soil plays a great role in the growth of the plant, supporting and nourishing it over time. But is the potting soil you get truly capable of carrying out these duties?

Indoor plants don’t get their fair share of sunlight and rain, and thus are solely dependent on the soil for their nourishment. Clearly, it is not something that can be taken lightly for the survival of your plant.

So in order to decide your only feeding medium for the plant that you are growing, you need to understand what the best potting soil for vegetables, fruits or any other plant truly means.

People prefer indoor plants based on the basic idea that they create much less fuss than outdoor plants. While in many ways that statement proves to be true, the attention the indoor plants need is underestimated very much.
All the plants have specific needs, especially when it comes to nutrients and the kind of soil they grow in. Some, for instance., like to grow in an acidic medium while others prefer a more neutral pH.

The indoor potting mix recipe that is commonly available is peat-based. Usually enhanced with things like water retaining crystals and fertilizers, these soils are fresh and rich in nutrients when taken out of the bag. While you may notice the plant thriving successfully soon after you have added the soil, it is usually short-lived. 

It happens because these kinds of soils are not made to last a long time. They are not suitable for plants in most ways. The peat in the soil decomposes very fast, even compared to other organic matter. And so we can surely say that peat-based potting soil is not the best for your plants.

Ways to Improve Your Potting Soil

Most people will keep using peat-based soil no matter what. And that is not necessarily a hopeless situation. Here are some of the things you can do to improve the situation.

Change Your Soil Frequently

Since peat is always in a hurry to decompose, you need to keep changing it with a replenished one.

Add Perlite – Just a Few Handful

Though it doesn’t exactly affect the decomposition rate of the peat in the soil, it does somewhat improve the aeration.

Wash the Plant

Every now and then take the plant to take a shower under tap water to avoid the accumulation of deposits.

Get Soil of Better Brands

If you are frustrated with fixing up the soil you bought and want to make a more efficient process of nourishing your plant then getting a soil of best potting soil brands is the option for you.

But how will you trust the brand and know if they are a good fit? Here is a detailed review of the best products on the market.

Black Gold Perfect Potting Soil


Minute Soil – Indoor Gardening


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Burpee – Garden Coir


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Burpee – Potting Mix


1 -Black Gold Perfect Potting Soil

Black Gold Perfect Potting Soil

$13 | AMAZON

Which is the best potting soil for indoor plants? Can I use outdoor soil for indoor plants? So many things you must be wondering if you are new to gardening and even newer to the indoor plants.

You probably need a soil that meets all your requirements without having to add much by yourself so you can focus on the other aspects of gardening. If that is the case then the Black Gold organic soil might be just the one for you.


It is an all-purpose soil designed to fit any and all needs that you may have. It has an impeccable track record when it comes to performance. It is convenience and quality packaged into one.

It has all the quality ingredients of the premium quality. To ensure the best results best ingredients are added for the growth and support of the plant. It’s a western region formulation and is loamy and rich in nutrients that make it ideal for indoor gardening.


  • Tested quality ingredients
  • All-purpose soil for indoor plants
  • Suitable for all kinds of plants


  • Price is somewhat expensive

2 – Minute Soil – Indoor Gardening

Minute Soil – Indoor Gardening

$26 | AMAZON

Looking for just the right fertilizer for your microgreens? Something that is not a hassle but is also perfect for your plants?Something that is easy to use and provides your plants with the utmost support and nutrition that they need and deserve? Well, your search ends here because Minute Soil is made tailored exactly to your needs.


Minute Soil contains compacted soil that spreads and grows by the addition of water. It comes in many different packaging and is mist ideal if you are growing microgreens.

It is made with raw coconut coir, absolutely untreated and pure.

The water retention qualities and the nutritional values are just the right amount for your greens to survive. It is easy to carry around and transport. Just move them before you hydrate and you are good to go.

Whether it is a grown plant you want to maintain or start from scratch – sorry, seed, this is the ideal kind of soil for you.

To signal it to start working, all you need to do is add water. Yes, it is exactly that easy!


  • Best suited for microgreens
  • Convenient
  • Easily transported
  • Easy to use – just needs to be hydrated


  • Nutrition can use some assistance

3 – Burpee – Garden Coir

Burpee – Garden Coir

$11 | AMAZON

Are your seedlings or flowers in a container or raised bed? Looking for a soil that will decrease the hassle for you and make your job easier? If instant release and high nutritional value is something you are looking for then look no further because Burpee Garden mix is the one for you.


Made from coconut fiber, Garden Coir is eco-friendly soil that is just the right one for your garden bed. It comes highly recommended for raised beds, starting seeds, and container gardening.

One of the best features it has is the water retention quality, it can hold up water up to 150% of its original weight. It enhances the aeration of the plant and makes its roots grow stronger and healthier. It is also listed by OMRI for organic gardening.


  • It is best suited for garden beds and growing seeds
  • Easy to use
  • The high rate of water retention (up to 150%)
  • Improves root growth and strength
  • Bug-free


  • The package is smaller than most customers expect

4 – Burpee – Potting Mix

Burpee – Potting Mix


Looking to buy soil that will assist you in your gardening by making things easier? Are you growing a raised bed or container vegetables? There is a soil that can take all your worries away and make your job easier than ever – Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix.


Replenished with nutrients that make it perfect for bedding flowers, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. This soil has an instant release mechanism. As soon as you add water, all nutrients are released at once and it continues providing the essential elements to the plant for up to 3 months.

It has an extraordinary ability of water retention, its premium design allows it to hold water for the longest time between the watering periods.

It is listed by OMRI for organic use as well.


  • Very easy and convenient in use
  • Just needs water added
  • Best suited for flower beds, fruits, and vegetables
  • Instantly releases all the essential nutrients
  • Lasts a little over 3 months
  •  High water retention ability


  • The packaging is smaller than what most customers expect.

5 – Miracle-Gro Potting Mix

Miracle-Gro Potting Mix

$20 | AMAZON

Looking for something your flowers and vegetables grow well and thrive successfully? Something that you can use for both your indoor and outdoor plants? Such is the potting soil that is Miracle-Gro.


Designed to offer proper drainage, all essential nutrients, and airflow to the plant. Micro-Gro is ideal for both indoor and outdoor plants. It contains all the nutrients that are needed to grow beautiful flowers or rich ripe vegetables.

It can feed your plant up to 6 months, giving you a new start every season. The high nutrients make it capable of taking good care of the indoor plants just as well as the outdoor ones.


  • Provides miraculous growth to the plants 
  • Ideal for flowers and vegetables 
  • lasts up to 6 months
  • Provides airflow and root strength
  • Rich in essential nutrients


  • The packaging is weak, often gets ripped up during the delivery.

So, What now?

You know that peat-based soil is not good for your plants. There are a few things that you can do, however taking care of indoor plants requires much more attention to other things as well. Therefore to minimize your workload you need to get the best potting soil for indoor plants so that your hassle is minimized.

What you just read were the detailed reviews of all the best potting soils available in the market. They all have their pros and cons mentioned explicitly to help you make the right decision for your plants. You are now fully informed, and you will make the right decision. Happy potting!