Saving A dying Plant – Step by Step guide to growing Indoor Plants


Don’t let the plants get wilted… 

Plants indoor or outdoor are a source of satisfaction and spiritual joy. Researches have proved, that working in an environment where you are surrounded by greenery and plants is more pleasant in comparison to those which lack the green component.

Plants not only add up a pleasant feel to the surroundings but also provides fresh oxygen which makes your surroundings healthy as well. we should never forget that these plants whether indoor or outdoor are living beings.they have all the needs and requirements of a living being.

How to revive a plant that gets wilted?

Plants too have a communication language and they do communicate, you just need to know what they are trying to say. Once you built a proper relationship You can understand their all needs and requirements.

 That relationship will be truly blissful for both of you for you and your plant. it will definitely reduce your stress level and plants, they will get a good friend who can take good care of them they do smile they do cry they do get ill or sustain a healthy life you just need to feel them up.

How to take proper care of indoor plants?

As have told you earlier, that plants too are living beings just like a child needs to be raised and cared for. As you built up a relationship of love and understanding with your plant. it will not only grow and nourish but also be a source of satisfaction for yourself. you will start feeling their happiness and sadness their needs everything!

 so I am writing this article for a few assorted plant lovers, who want to communicate with plants and want to know all about the needs.

Here in this article, we will come across with few general problems of your indoor plants, their symptoms, and their solutions.let’s start with the problem which is actually caused due to over loving of your plants. yes that’s true excess of everything is bad so is

Extra Watering to Your Plants (Diagnosis and Cure) 

While you look at your plant, and it looks like someone about to die with withered leaves which are ready to fall apart. And you start pondering that what is happening to my beloved plant? as I am taking so good care of it.

yes, you might be surprised but lots of people kill the plants with over loving. How? overwatering can cause wilting to your plant.

A few researchers believe that overwatering is more deadly for your plants then less watering. overwatering can cause Pathagon in plant roots, and that is a true doomer. Once your plant got this problem and the roots are affected with overwatering chances of Survival are real low.

Cure for wilted plants due to overwatering 

Though the plants that are suffering from overwatering syndrome. Are one of the most complicated patients to treat. as you need to mess with the roots. you have to bring it out from the pot and eliminate all the Rotten roots.

 moreover, you need to evacuate all the clay which has been transformed into the mud and actually causing suffocation to your plant. Now add on a little more bone dry soil into it. And hope for the best but still you can’t say, that your overwatered Plant will surely survive.

Withering of plants due to lack of water

watering a plant is not as simple as it seems. keeping your plant fresh and healthy needs your research and attention. only attention or over-attention can cause the damage, your plant needs the combination of both good knowledge and good care.

This diagnosis is comparatively easy as for this you know need much rocket science, you just need to remember that you have been missing the proper intervals of watering a plant. Moreover, when you will touch the soil inside the pot you’ll find it rock hard.

oth the symbols are alarming enough to tell you your negligence. now what you need to do? Pour lots of water to save it from dying straight from its top?

Cure of dying plants due to lack of watering

No, you can’t do it now as you pour water from the top, it will gradually fall down from beneath.  the rock hard soil can absorb the water properly. and now for saving your plants to die you need to put your plant pot in a tub full of water. 

As the water can get in contact with the soil from all the sides but remember only the pot should be in the water, not the plant as overwatering is no less harmful than lack of watering. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes while the soil gets soft and then add water from the top.

but always remember that all plants have different water needs you can even plan your plant watering day on a calendar and follow this schedule as per your plant needs.

Size of pot according to the size of your plant

Another important problem that occurred in your indoor plants is the size of your pot. as I already mentioned that the plants are living beings they have more or less the same needs as all living beings have.

So when they grow old and get big they do need a bigger space as well. you might be thinking that how come a pot is connected with the plant space, obviously the plant is growing out of it. but dear how can you forget the main source is lying within the pot.

Yes, you got it right. I am talking about the roots. As the plants grow bigger so do the roots network.  if the roots don’t find a proper place to grow, it will gradually suffocate your indoor plant.

To determine whether this is the reason or not you need to bring the plant out of your pot. while doing this be careful that you don’t harm any roots. if you find the roots coming out of the soil and making a ring beneath, You got it right. the less space for your roots is causing harm damage to your plant.

Cure To Treat a Dying Plant Out off  Crowded Roots

Once you have understood the problem now you Must be thinking to resolve it. don’t worry to support you and your little friend. already the plant from the small pot to check whether the roots are suffocating or not.

 you are not going to put it back in the same pot but you need to switch it to a bit bigger. Don’t choose one that is too big. Shifting directly to a bigger one can be a bit problematic for your plant to settle down.

Do add some fresh oil into the pot shift the plant slightly unhitch the braided roots.  so they Can work properly for your plant. Hopefully, this treatment will rescue your plant and boost a new life into it.

Scorched Plants Diagnosis

 This is another confusing time when you are taking proper care of your plants providing them the required space. proper watering it still they are scorching from one side. A true plant lover actually feel heartbroken when she comes across a wilting plant in spite of such hard efforts.

Don’t worry dear the problem is not very severe. you just need to check around and surely you will find the reason. A nearby window or any source of direct sunlight might be causing the damage.

Cure For Sun Burn Plant

Now you definitely want to know, how to revive a plant that got too much sun? the solution is quite simple first of all you need to remove the leaves that are scorched and spotted.

Secondly, you need to place them somewhere they get away from direct sunlight. And always remember that indoor plants are not like outdoor plants that can bear the direct scorching heat and still stay healthy.

Two little Sun Exposure Can also be Problematic

if plants are getting too little sun that too can cause them to die before time. how you will come to know that less Sun is causing trouble to your  Indoor plant?

 let’s check into a few symptoms of dying plants due to lack of sun exposure. if you notice that your plant leaves turning yellow or getting pale or falling down gradually. These symptoms are alarming about the low exposure of the sun.

Once you have diagnosed the problem you definitely need a cure. So let us figure it out. 

Cure for Pale Plants

As now we are sure that the reason behind the yellow turning leaves of a plant is its deprivation of Sunlight. Now you can set your course of action. definitely you are not supposed to put it into direct sunlight but you need to place it where it can get the bright indirect sunlight.

The photosynthesis process is dependent upon sunlight so whether its an indoor or outdoor plant the less sun exposure can cause wilting. In the absence of photosynthesis, there is no green life.

Tips to keep your indoor plant in a healthy condition

  •  Keep in mind overwatering is more harmful than anything else.
  • You need to know about your plant as without proper knowledge you can’t take proper care of your indoor or outdoor plants.
  •  schedule the water giving of your plants according to their type and requirements.
  • Never put fertilizer into a struggling plant, is not a magic that can rescue your plant root out the problem and then proceed.
  • Don’t miss it decorate a fertilizer as an antibiotic or energy drink.
  • Cut Down the unhealthy leaves as the struggling plant doesn’t have to put all the efforts in healing and reviving the already dead leaves and stems.
  • Another thing which you can ask for professional help.As there are few companies that are actually working hard to restore nature from decay. 


What if you see plant bugs on your plant?

Bugs can kill your plants or at least can harm them badly. so if you find bugs on your indoor plant and you feel like spraying insecticide sometimes it is not a very good idea for indoor plants. indoor plants are delicate than others so hard insecticide can cause them harm. 

Easy way to evacuate the bugs from your plant is to clean it with warm water, then wipe it nicely you can even spray some Horticulture oil or soap over it and rescue your plants. Don’t forget to spray the undersides of leaves. And keep checking as the bugs can attack again if you are not vigilant enough.

How to determine whether a plant is dead or still salvageable?

Sometimes you feel like there is no hope for your gone friend,  it’s completely brown and dead. many people ask me is there still any hope for them to survive or are salvageable? How to revive the plants that are wilted? 

well, most of the time I am sorry to say that’s not much we can do. but I still always give a try by putting the plant in the direct sun giving it water adding few fertilizers Putting some attention and love towards it. 

 sometimes miracles do happen and a dead Plant comes back to life as pathos and monstera do.

Last words

Being a nature lover I am always very concerned about my plants. I am not judging you or passing comments.

But if you don’t find yourself free enough to take proper care of your plants you can actually look into few replicas.

 they are as good in decorative purpose as you want, but if you want to keep true life you need to be truly vigilant as I believe adopting an indoor plant is no less complicated then bringing up a newborn baby.

yes, I do love outdoor plants as well and I am also concerned about their life. But when it comes to indoor plants I am actually touchy because I have a valid reason. OutDoor plants can outsource their needs from nature but when you opt to adopt an Indoor plant you actually take responsibility for fulfilling all its needs. as its no more free to ask nature for any help.