Best indoor plant hangers and holders in 2020

Best indoor plant pots With saucers in 2020

Best indoor plant pots With saucers in 2020

If Plants are your true love like mine ad their each and every aspect matters to you like life!

So, here you are for the Best Indoor Plant Pots With Saucers In 2020. Plant pots are not mere decorative vessels. But is actually a very important element that can affect your plant health badly if not sorted with proper care.

In these blogs, my utmost concern is to present my readers with the ultimate choice of products that are highly beneficial for plant health. I don’t suggest any product until properly reviewed by at least 100 consumers, and do have a positive experience of my own. Here in this article, you are going to get a detailed section dealing with guidelines that: how you should choose a plant pot with saucers keeping in view your plant type?

As you want to maintain your indoor garden but you don’t have the real knowledge this is the right place to grab some updates. So you get to know what is essential to make your indoor garden adorable and outstanding.

A few best indoor plant Pots are also suggested to assist you in your plat pot search to save your time and provide you with few best picks from the market. After all, plants are not only an amazing decorative element of your interiors but add a good freshness to the ambiance. Let’s start with a few focus facts, to make your best Indoor Plant Pot selection perfect!

Unique Macrame Plant Hanger By Mkono


POTEY 052301 Ceramic Plant Pots Indoor


High Drainage Plant Pot with Deep Sauce


White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters 6.5 Inch Pack 2 Indoor


TRUEDAYS 4.3 Inch Plastic Planter Multi Color Flower Pots


When you are choosing your indoor plant pot you need to consider the following facts :

Perfect Size

When you are selecting an indoor plant pot for your plant do keep in mind that it’s not just about how it looks in the interior or how well it captures the space. But it also matters a lot for the health of your plant. Sometimes we are so conscious about making the plant as a focal point in the interiors that we forget about the fact. That the size of the plant pot is directly related to the health of our plant.

As if the pot will be too big it will soak too much water and in this way, the soil will dry very slowly. Ultimately the roots will get soaked into the water for a longer period of time and get prone to rotting of roots. Moreover, if you selected a too-small pot for a bigger plant definitely it cant hold the nutrients which are required by the plants to grow properly.

A bigger plant can’t sustain in a small pot as the soil will get dry too soon and maybe can’t hold enough water which is required by the plants to grow properly. The small size can even stop the growth of your plant roots. So you need to choose the best size pot which suits your plant in every way.

Pot Size While Shifting 

Sometimes when we put a plant in a pot the sizes are accurate for that plant. But gradually when the plants grow bigger the pots get smaller for it. So if you are looking for a pot to transplant your flowering plant to some other pot for better growth. Try to choose one that is actually two inches bigger than the one you were already using. Try to make that increase should be both in diameter and height because the roots flourish and expand more towards the diameter as well as depth.

If you think that your plant growth is very fast you can even choose 4 inches bigger pot then the one you are already using. But keep in mind too big or small both sizes can cause trouble for your plant. So you better be moderate and choose the one that is the exact requirement

Best Material

When you are choosing your indoor pots you also need to consider the materials. Mostly in the market, two materials are very common for indoor plant pots one is plastic other is terracotta. Both have their own benefits and shortcomings, if you are choosing a plastic pot definitely It will be light in weight. You can easily keep them on some shelf or if you want to hang your indoor plant, the plastic option is better.

As its light in weight moreover, plastic material is not porous and low in price as well. With plastic whatever water, you are providing to your plant stays within it for a longer period of time. When it comes to terracotta, It definitely is a heavy material as compared to plastic and it’s a bit expensive as well. But if beauty is your basic concern definitely terracotta with its beautiful patterns and shapes is the winner.

But terracotta pots are porous and that thing made them hold water for lesser times. So have to water your plant more often as you have to do with plastic pots with saucers. But for the plants which need better aeration and particularly dry soil instead of the moist soil definitely terracotta is a better option. For plants like orchards, chives, succulents, and cactus terra cotta is a better choice with better aeration.

Proper Aeration

When you are buying plant pots, ones with drainage holes are a good choice for the upbringing of healthy plants. Most of the plants grow better in the pots with drainage holes, as air penetrates well in the roots. So in this way, the drainage hole contributes well in good health and good growth of indoor plants. Pots with drainage holes are necessary for few plants as they seep down extra water to protect plants from bacteria or fungus formation.


When you are choosing your indoor plant pot you definitely need to check the place where you are going to install them. You need to check whether you need indoor plant pots with a saucer or you need it for hanging somewhere. Moreover, check which pot is better for the growth of which kind of plants.

Sometimes you want to plant a smaller plant in a bigger pot or you don’t want to get indoor plants with drainage holes. In such cases, you better go with the option of a cache or fake pot that doesn’t actually hold the plant but support the pot which is holding the plant in real. 

So that you can choose a perfect size pot according to your wish and still the plant won’t have any negative impact on it. With a cachepot, you can get any decorative material and size without bothering about the plant as it’s in an appropriate size and type pot.

Fall In Love Features

  • Complete Installation Of Theme Hanging Planters
  • Easy and Beautiful Installation
  • Perfect Size That Envelops Most 
  • Space Saving
  • Adores Your Home Decor 
  • Can Act As Best Indoor Plants With Stand

Detailed Description

First, of all let me explain the list of accessories you are going to get in this package. You will get 5 Hanging hooks, 5 Ceiling hooks, and 5 beautifully knitted macrame plant hangers studded with decorative beads perfectly handmade. That assures its sturdy making and a strong grip to hold it tight wherever and whatever you hang with it.

5 Macrame Plant Hanging Pots (By Growneer)
5 Macrame Plant Hanging Pots (By Growneer)

The bad side is that planters are not included in this deal. But the hangers are fully equipped with the capacity of installing no less than 9 planters and you can install them as easily as you imagine. The material used in knitting this macrame collection is made with purely natural and eco-friendly material.

If you wish to have a beautiful plant decor at your home but space is your issue then these plant hangers are a must-buy for you. As they assure you a perfect theme decoration still saving the maximum space or you can say no please no space captivated at all.

Another beautiful feature of this macrame collection is that it is fully stretchable you don’t need to measure pot for the installation. But this one collection mostly fits all, do keep in mind I am not talking about the Mega Pots because these hangers do have some weight limit. But the material is not the limitation you can use any kind of pot i.e metal, glass, ceramics, and terracotta. The recommended width of the pot is 10 inches in diameter.

You can install them anywhere in your house and they will definitely add up some positive vibes and great aesthetics to that area. I have seen them installed in patios, In some windows, in any garden even they look great in the kitchen, install them anywhere and enjoy the charm.



Fall In Love Features

  • Perfect Fit For Modern Interiors
  • Ornamental Still Perfectly Functional
  • Plant Health’s Best Buddy
  • Best Packaging Safest Delivery 

Detailed Description

This ceramic planter is your ultimate choice if you are looking for a perfect glaze, amazing colors, and a luxurious look. These planters are perfectly equipped with all the dimensions which are necessary for the good growth of any deep growing plant. With its depth, it gives complete margin to the roots so they can flourish well and assures a healthy plant. if you want any suggestion regarding plants which can be perfectly planted to this planter are strawberry, mint, peace Lily, devil’s ivy, and many like that.

Set Of Ceramic Cylinder Shape Plant Pots (By PoTey)
Set Of Ceramic Cylinder Shape Plant Pots (By PoTey)

These planters not only have the premium material that can perfectly adore and decorate your tabletop. Even great to put in some shelf in your bedroom, or in your kitchen garden or even in the patio, get this pot set and bring some warmth and vibrancy to your space.

This pair of one big(6.1 inches) and one small(4.5 inches) is perfect to gift on special occasions like house warming, valentines, or even mothers day. Moreover, 100 % satisfaction is promised by the company which gives it high points to make it a choice.



Fall In Love Features

  • Safe Handling With Self Watering
  • Root Protection With Perfect Aeration
  •  Easy Installation, Easy Use
  • Best Indoor Plant With Saucers

Detailed Description

This planter is a simple machine that makes it a good choice when you love your plants but your work routine doesn’t allow you to take proper keep up at times. This pot is your reservoir you can easily keep them watered and healthy with continuous water supply. As designed with hollow legs that keep the soil in contact with the water and as the plant is in dire need of water.

And don’t worry about the aeration of roots as there is a complete network beneath which assure that the roots are safe from rotting and any fungus formation. Now you might be thinking that it’s a technical machine as performs so many functions to assure your plant health and proper growing. so don’t worry about its water filling as its damn easy to pour water and install.

Unlike any other flat bottom planter, it’s completely safe for your surfaces as well no matter its carpet or wooden floor it will not touch the ground and keep it clear. The making and material of this planter is no doubt of the high quality and weather-resistant PP. So you can easily use these planters indoor and outdoor without any harm or hazard (not fading no cracking, no brittles, no peeling, no patching )



Fall In Love Features

  • Executive Looks With Gold & Grey
  • Innovative Shape and ExtraOrdinary Looks 
  • Set Of Two, Set In All Interior 
  • Best For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Detailed Description

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of ceramics that can suit any interior and gives a Royal look, this is a great choice. Gold and Grey color actually look majestic and breathtaking and if you are thinking that this piece is just a decoration, you are taking the wrong. Because it’s highly functional and perfectly measures according to a certain depth and width. That measurement assures good growth of roots and good health of the plant.

Set Of Ceramic Plant Pots White, Grey& Gold (By Exquis Home)
Set Of Ceramic Plant Pots White, Grey& Gold (By Exquis Home)

These exclusive pots by Exquis Home are available in two different shapes. But these two different shapes with perfectly harmonizing colors look absolutely stunning. When placed on some tabletop or in your kitchen window. So don’t think much and go for them if you are looking at something perfectly artistic and highly aesthetic. These pots are ideal to grow your smaller legumes.

The set of first two products in gold in grey measuring 6 inches wide and 6 inches high, the smaller piece is 5.4 inches wide and 5.1 inches high. You need to buy your own plants because this set doesn’t include the plants. It’s better you place them in the Indoor premises because they look stunning in the indoor interiors. But if you like to place them in some patio or in other outdoor it belongs to a reputed company which definitely takes hold of the product if you find any error mistake or dissatisfaction so go ahead and be sure by this it’s still a great option.



Fall In Love Features

  • Perfect Aeration
  • Very Light In Weight And High In Durability
  • Best For Shelf Decor
  • Mesmerizing Quality, Adoring Looks 

Detailed Description

These beautiful colorful pots are great to grow succulent plants and the color variety is great that can coordinate with any furniture. Small in size but perfect to keep your plant healthy and roots fungus free as they have a hole under the pot to achieve the purpose of ventilation and dry soil.

Indoor Plant Pots With Saucers 6pc Multi-Color (By Truedays)

These tiny plant pots look highly portable and purely adorable in any setting and measures 4.5 inches height and 4.5 widths. These pots are great to buy as you will get 100 percent value of your money and stunning looks in your decoration.these are one of the best indoor modern plants.



End Verdict

In this article, we have tried our level best to provide you with the true solution for planting your indoor plants in the best planters. The above list is presented after a detailed and thorough study of the characteristics and functioning of the above-mentioned planters.

It has been made sure that the variety includes all types of plant pots which are best to keep you indoor plants in healthy conditions still look adorable. For instance, if you are looking for a Plant Pot with Drainage you will definitely get a few added in the list. 

Moreover, IndoorPlant Pots With Saucers are trending nowadays, so such articles have also been included. Keeping in view that they are great in aesthetics and still perfect in functioning and offer saucers to avoid any extra mess.

I have added a planter stand at the top of the list, as they can fit most of the plants because in smaller spaces people try to adjust indoor plants in a stand. So I got these macrame hangers as best indoor plant pot withstand. Moreover, if you have a modern interior and want something trendy yet artistic to grow your indoor plant,uch articles are added in the list I hope you will find this article helpful and the parts are going to buy they will definitely add beauty bomb aesthetics and peace in your interiors best of luck and Happy card. such Gardening!

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