Safeguarding Your Indoor Plants From Cats – Guide

Being a plant and pet lover at the same time is no less than a love triangle.  A few believe that finally, you have to choose one.

But as I have faced the issue  I know it’s a hard decision to make. let’s make it easy for you with a few adjustments and add-on you will be perfectly Ok with both.

No need to quit any of your love. Now you can love nature in both ways keep your plants and your cats both side by side.

Now definitely you would like to know how to keep cats away from your indoor plants. The solution is simple but a bit tricky.

In this article, you will come to know all the possible ways those can help you and assist you to keep your plants safe from Your cats and your cats safe from being sick. Yes, it’s truly is a Win-Win situation.

Water Fear to keep your cat away from your indoor plants.

A few Cat Lover Believe, that’s not fair to mess with your cat or cheat her,  but I find it totally fair because this is no harm to your cat and still a good motivation to keep away your cat from your indoor plants. 

This one is a very simple trick, you don’t need much stuff, no technical equipment, or any chemical. you just need a spray bottle that is easily available at Amazon or you can actually get it from any store nearby.

you don’t need to fill it with some chemicals to harm your cats just fill it up with clean water. Now keep an eye on your cat. whenever you find her in a mood of mischief grab your bottle and give her a splash.

Now, this activity will develop a sense in your cat that whenever she got close to the plant she will get a splash and technically cats don’t like water. I know you love your cats, me too. but we need to save plants as well after all they are infusing oxygen in our environment and our cats are also consuming this activity will keep you safe and your cats away.

Stay Away Spray

What can you spray on plants to keep cats away?

The market is actually filled with many sprays that are so annoying for the cats that they don’t even think of getting closer to your potted plants or potted flowers. Definitely these sprays are a bit expensive when you are taking care of your CAT and the indoor plants you are already on a high budget.

 so let’s celebrate some home remedies which actually worked for me.

 Perfume and Water Spray

 I just use strong smell perfume the doors of water then spray it all over on my plants and it actually worked as my little p**** cat doesn’t like the smell of lavender.

Garlic in water spray

This one is a  bit hard dose if your cat is still after your plants you just take a few cloves of garlic  Mash them into a puree and spray it over your plants. believe me, even you would not like to go near your plants with that pungent smell.

Hot chili Peper Powder 

 if you want to be a bit more serious, try this one  Sprinkle a little dose of hot chili powder around your plants and once you get sniffed it up, believe me, she will never mess with your plants ever again.

But be careful as this one is a bit painful as if chili powder gets it to her nose or Eyes can cause her trouble. So so I don’t recommend it anyways.

Vinegar and Water Spray

There is another myth that says vinegar spray is pungent to cats so a spray of vinegar and water can keep your cats away. I don’t know about the cats but being acidic this remedy is truly e harmful to your plants.

Hide the charm

How to stop cats from digging in plants?

Have you ever noticed that’s why your cat is so interested in your potted plants?  yes, I did and figure it out!

Our cats are digger by nature, and when they come across the soft soil of your potted plant whether placed indoor or outdoor they love to Digg in and use it as a litter box. 

If you hide the soft mud under the pebbles or for the decorative purpose, you can use some seashells and even a broken piece of crockery. Just need to be a bit careful did any surface a material covering the soil should not pack it so tightly that it restricts the water supply into it.

 once you are done with your task,  your cat will hardly try to dig into it, definitely, her litter box is a better option now.

Put them out of reach

 yes I know I am talking about cats, they can Climb a Tree they can jump, but still, we have left with few options

  • You can hang your potted plants in baskets making them inaccessible as hanging in the mid-air.
  •  Even you can hang them into the wall, which your cat can’t climb making sure no steps around.
  •  You can even Placement them in a lockable or closeable room with a door.

Yes, this might sound simple to you but truly effective. 

 Make a terrible Surrounding, 

How to keep cats out of the outdoor potted plants?

Yes, you can do so, you can even place few noisy items which start making noise as soon as the cat crosses by. for instance place tin foil plates in such a position that whenever your cat come towards the way of your plants they fall down making a loud noise or make a noisy mess.

This noise can actually e make your cat nervous and avoid the situation.  you can even make the surroundings sticky with the help of a double tape or something sticky. That, whenever your cat crosses the way gets stick to the surface, and to avoid the trouble, she will start avoiding your plants as well.

 This is called psychological impact. attach some demotivation to a habit and gradually get rid of it that is called negative reinforcement.

Do some innovation with the  litter box

How to keep cats from pooping in house plants?

Sometimes the litter box is not being cleaned properly and regularly and as we all know that our cats are a bit choosy. They don’t like to use a dirty litter box and maybe that’s why they are preferring your potted plants to serve the purpose.

If you are cleaning the litter box and still they are avoiding it please change its position it might be hard to target for them as when they are in dire need. So place the litter box somewhere which is easy to access and still have some privacy.

Moreover, she might be bored with using that old litter box and want a new one. After all we all like change she might be e asking for the same.