5 Houseplants Anyone Can Grow And Maintain

5 Houseplants Anyone Can Grow And Maintain

5 Houseplants Anyone Can Grow And Maintain

Yes, I Am Talking About Low Maintenance Houseplants.

Nowadays busy life is depriving us of lots of little love of our life and Plantation is one of those gone hobbies. As in small pieces, we mostly don’t get adequate space to build our own backyard garden. Then the idea of indoor planting actually added new life to the gardening hobby and new hope to plant lovers.

But a few people due to their busy lifestyles and lots of traveling fear to adopt a plant. But if you are afraid of having a black thumb! Don’t Worry nature has a solution for you …

Out here we are going to present you some plants which will actually survive in any critical circumstances with your minimum care. They will provide you nice indoor decoration and freshness in your surroundings. So I love these plants for their selfless nature and amazing beauty.

Don’t be deprived of this blessing of having these small oxygen cylinders in your indoor environment. As it not only adds beauty to your indoor environment but also provides you some fresh air, positivity, and a really good feel. 

So let’s choose one from the list and make your premises as fresh as you ever wanted to see. Yes, the affiliate links might give me some of the profits, but I am never compromising my reader’s benefit over these benefits. My reader’s ability, my reader’s benefits, and my reader’s best purchase are my utmost concern.

Plants reviewed here are no less than best, for those who are looking for some indoor plants that can thrive and survive in tough times & little care.


Make Sure, that the plant you are going to select is safe for kids & pets. As few are so good in their surviving skills that they can harm those who try to pluck or irritate them.

Special Features

  • Best Air Purifier
  • Consistent Watering & No Fertilizers Required
  • Produce Oxygen Even At Night
  • Low Maintenance House Plant For Air Purification

This is available in a 6-inch small cute pot and being sold by the American explant exchange brand.

The botanical name of this plant is sansevieria; it’s occasionally called mother-in-law’s tongue. Also known as snake plant due to its streaking texture and snakeskin pattern in the leaves.

This one is your perfect choice if you are looking for an easy-care house plant. These plants are nature’s miracle sort of indestructible. You don’t need to regularly water or provide them any fertilizers or any special care. They can survive, they are true fighters.

They are so humble and don’t demand anything don’t underestimate them for being less useful. NASA identified them as one of the top air-purifying plants in nature.

They fight for you with almost 107 air pollutants and these pollutants include dangerous carbon monoxide, chloroform, benzene, nitrogen monoxide, xylene, and many others.

Miraculously this plant is efficient in producing oxygen at night and better in carbon dioxide absorption than others.

Sansevieria By American Plant Exchange
Sansevieria By American Plant Exchange

Special Features

  • It’s Hirt’s garden homegrown plant
  • You can grow it indoors in your office, apartment, dorm or anywhere
  • Buy one and get multiple babies
  • Only a little watching is enough
  • Low Maintenance House Plants With Low Light 
  • Low Maintenance Houseplants Safe For Cats

If you want to invest a minimum and get the most out of indoor plants without pampering them or keeping a lot of good care of them. Spider plants are also a very nice option as you buy one plant and that one plant will give you multiple babies.

You can grow them in beautiful hanging baskets. They will adore your indoor premises and will give a very positive and fresh feel in your interiors. Still, cost you not very much as the plant babies will automatically grow in its surroundings.

Easy To Grow Ocean Spider Plant By Hirt’s Garden

Moreover, you can get a whole small garden of spider plants in the budget of 1 this product is sold with a 6-inch hanging basket. So you just need to buy it and install it.

When it comes to the water you don’t need to water it continuously, only moist soil is enough for their survival. You don’t need to arrange lots of sunlight or artificial light for it. You can install it anywhere in bright indirect light and it will flourish well here without lots of attention and care.

But I believe plants are living beings and they do need your love so you can give a good Hi! when you are entering the house or while you are leaving.

Special Features

  • Charm your interiors 12 months a year
  • Show Up red and yellow flowers once in a year
  • Don’t need regular watering
  • Looks beautiful and makes you beautiful
  • A great addition to your interiors and outdoor gardens
  • Low Maintenance House Plant For Sin & Health Care
  • Not Very Safe For Cats & Dogs

This easy to grow home plant known as Aloe vera is one of my favorites to add in my indoor plant collection. As it has several benefits, first of all, if you are a busy kind of person and want some plant that interacts through the tough times. Aloe vera is definitely a top-ranking plant in the list of self-surviving plant species.

Along with their beautiful spiky leaves that can add glory to any premises, these plants have several health benefits. You can grow them somewhere in your bedroom window or you can place it somewhere in your balcony. Anywhere where you get some direct sunlight they don’t need much to survive no constant watering and care.

Once they are grown you are going to have glowing skin, healthy hairs and you are not going to suffer from weak bones and achy joints. You can simply apply its pulp on the skin, hair, and even you can eat it for healthy bones.

Aloe vera HedgeHog By American Plant Exchange
Aloe vera HedgeHog By American Plant Exchange

So technically this plant doesn’t need your much care but once you plant them. They take good care of your health and beauty. Besides providing you some real freshness and clear environment they have unlimited benefits as well. So ladies Hurry up Buy this and it will be your best friend.

Special Features

  • Beautiful in summers adorable in springs
  • Very attractive to decorate your interiors
    Very convenient to
  • grow
  • Drought tolerant and heat tolerant
    No special care no fertilizers no pesticides required

This little creature is rightly known as a lucky plant, Don’t judge me of being superstitious! Actually this plant is truly lucky as it rules with its beautiful lush green color in spite of any hard circumstances. Even it’s leaves are irritating for pets so they don’t dare to mess with them so you don’t need to protect them from pets as well.

No matter, it is lacking water, or it is bearing scorching sunlight, no problem it is lucky enough to survive the tough environments. Unlike other indoor plants it doesn’t need regular watering and you don’t need to nourish it with chemical fertilizers.

You don’t need to take care of it against bug battles, so no need for any pesticides to protect them from pest attacks. It is a selfless kind of plant you give it minimum and it will give you maximum.

Luck Plant / Jade Plant By California Seed Company

Yes with minimum care this is low maintenance and most beautiful little succulent you can grow in your premises. In summers it glamorizes your interior with a beautiful magenta outline. That outline is precisely drawn around each leaf.

Moreover, in spring you can witness the beautiful Pink Stars twinkling on this beautiful little plant. It is eye-catching, it is beautiful and it may bring some luck and money to you. Because it’s truly lucky and famous as a money plant.

if you’re thinking of some gift for some special gardener in your life, this one is the perfect and most accurate gift you can ever give them. So Wish them some luck and they will love its beauty.

Special Features

  • Bring some positive energy and freshness in your indoor environment
  • Bring you some luck
  • Great results with little effort
  • Capable of initiating new growth
  • A perfect gift for executives.

This is another member of our low maintenance house plant family. I have put it at the end of the list because it is not as humble as the above partners on the list. But still, it doesn’t demand as much beauty and glamour it imparts to your interior.

Moreover, this plant is known for its positive energy and luck-bringing capacity. You might consider it some myth but I do believe in some Feng Shui so having one in hand is good for luck in my opinion.

You don’t need some special kind of soil or any special pots to grow it. These bamboo stems can easily grow in little water and some pebbles in a pot.

You don’t need to water it again and again but yes once a week you need to replace its water with some fresh water so it can grow well. you also don’t need a heap of fertilizers for its well being, a few drops of some liquid fertilizer can do wonders for this little beautiful tree in your Indoor premises.

If you arrange some indirect light for this little fellow it will help it to grow taller and look more mesmerizing and fresh. You just need to install and place it somewhere where it can avoid scorching heat or direct SunLight. So this one can be one of your best options in low maintenance house plans with low sunlight.

Spiral Style Lucky Bamboo With Ornamental Vase By 9 Green Box

This miracle plant is capable of regrowing many of its kind. Yes, you can cut the offshoots and enjoy. You can take two inches from the main stem and you can put them in some paraffin and it will reproduce well for you.

You are going to buy this product by 9 DreamBox. The good thing is you are getting a whole package. As it includes a beautiful black and blue vase which is the best fit to plant this little glory.

A Few More Suggestions

I hope now you don’t need to be deprived of having ultimate plant freshness around you due to lack of time and proper take care issues.

The five low maintenance plants suggested in this article are available at Amazon and are tried and tested. But you can have a few more easy to grow plants that can thrive in tough times without much help and care.

Plants like, Cast Iron Plant also is known as Aspidistra Relation, Chinese Evergreen which is also known as Aglaonema Commutated. A few more like Christmas Cactus, the botanical name is Zygocactus, Dumb Cane that is known as Dieffenbachia.

Peace Lily scientifically called Spathiphyllum and  Pothos that is known as Epipremnumprayer plant maranta. All these plants are strong enough to sustain in unfavorable and less convenient circumstances. 

These all plants are really low maintenance and can thrive well. So do give them a try and move on towards your house plantation in spite of little time and busy schedule.