The Fastest Growing Houseplants in 2020

The Fastest Growing Houseplants in 2020

In modern times what you lack most is patience!

We all are nature lovers and want to grow beautiful plants around us to add some aesthetics and purity in the environment.

But what we hate most is the long wait to grow plants big enough to provide the purpose. But don’t worry like all other things nature has presented as a solution to this problem as well.

You would be amazed to know that there are few plants that grow really fast with proper care. Here in this article, we will not only suggest you the fastest growing house plants in 2020. But also will blend this nature with a little science to help these plants grow even faster.

 So let’s start, A mission to provide a lush green and fresh kick to your environment which you have been wishing for since long. You might be glad to know that there are several fast-growing indoor plants from seed and some are fast-growing plants with low light. 

You just need to figure out which kind of fast-growing plants suit your indoor aesthetics and environment. You also need to keep a check that your indoor environment must be feasible and supporting these fast-growing plants.

Aloe Vera

This is my favorite plant among the fastest-growing plants. These plants provide you much more than just fresh air and good green looks, it is actually a magical miracle plant.

The marvelous gel produced by these plants is highly beneficial for skin care and hair development. Moreover, it has medical benefits for several health conditions like body aches, weak bones, backache, and even a good remedy to control blood sugar levels.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant is beautiful in its looks as well, with the thick stem and star edge on leaves. Those leaves or stamps are thick enough that they can provide you good amounts of gel if nourished properly.

Being a succulent Aloe Vera doesn’t need regular watering even soggy soil can obstruct its development. The only care you need to provide to this little beautiful miraculous magical and medical succulent is a bright light to grow properly. Bright Light also contributes to the fast growth of plants, nowadays even Artificial Lights like blue or red Led Lights are being used in order to grow plants faster and healthier.

Spider plants (Fastest Growing Plant from Seeds)

The next favorite fastest growing plant in the list is spider plant botanically known as Chlorophytum Comosom.This plant can fulfill your wish of growing a healthy green indoor garden within a limited time period.

Spider plants (Fastest Growing Plant from Seeds)

These plants look beautiful with their multiple shaded leaves shedding down and spreading out from the pot. The lush green and heavy foliage of this fastest-growing and easy to maintain plant can beautify any environment.

Besides its beauty, this plant has immense powers to purify air within its surroundings. This plant is one of those few species which are capable of producing oxygen even at night and can absorb carbon dioxide more than any other plant. That’s why NASA has added this plant in the list of best plants that remove air pollutants

So what are you waiting to get this fastest-growing spider plant? You don’t worry to nourish it with water on a regular basis just make sure that it doesn’t get completely dry. Moreover, you are going to get several Spiderettes(baby spiders).As far as care is concerned you just need to keep in mind that this is the fastest-growing plant in low light. So don’t keep it in direct sunlight otherwise it can scorch the leaves. For its faster growth, you can take help from any Led light for plant growth.

Jade plant(Fastest Growing Plant In Bright Light)

Jade plant is another fast-growing plant that can beautify any environment in no time. While preparing my list for fastest-growing plants for you, I kept in mind these fastest-growing plants should also be easy to handle as well. Because some faster-growing plants without proper care can die even faster,

Jade plant(Fastest Growing Plant In Bright Light)

Jade plant, botanically known as Crassula Ovata is something like a miniature tree. Once you will grow it, you will definitely fall in love with its oval-shaped leaves growing miraculously on a wooden stem. This miniature tree might look stunning even when it’s small and even when it grows higher to almost 5 feet.

You need to change its pots according to its growing size and roots requirements. With this Jade plant, you will not only get great decorative looks, lush green environment, fresh Air but and a dash of good luck. Yes, the jade plant is greatly known to bring you good luck. So bring it home or grow it in your workplace and you will get Good aura and positive vibes within the premises.

These jade plants are even capable of changing colors as in spring you can enjoy a touch of purple outline along with its lush green thick leaves. Jade plants are not very demanding as you can water them when you see them drying and no many fertilizers required.

But without proper light, they are never gonna thrive indoors so either put them somewhere they get direct sunlight. And if it is not possible don’t worry you still have your chance with the help of Led Lights for plant growth.

Ficus tree(Fastest Growing Plant In Humid & Sunny)


Ficus tree is another beautiful plant that can easily and fastly thrive in your indoor premises. Even if you are afraid of having a black thumb ficus plant can turn it to a Green thumb.

Ficus tree(Fastest Growing Plant In Humid & Sunny)

The owner or gardener doesn’t have to struggle with the ficus plant. But if the environment is not feasible then definitely you can get your chances to go low. Ficus trees need a bit humid and bright sunny environment to go green and grow fast.

Now if you are thinking that you don’t have a humid environment indoors, still don’t worry you have a very easy solution. You can either arrange a humidifier around your Tree to grow your Ficus Tree well. Even if this is not possible for you, surrounding your Ficus tree with other plants can solve your issue. And to resolve the sunlight issue you can seek help from a plant growing Led lights.

I personally recommend Ficus Tree as a great addition to your interiors, as it not only imparts fresh air but also makes your mood real good. Moreover, help you feel fresh even when you are not able to go out.

Ficus plant is available with different shapes stems from different sellers, even you can modify it’s stem to the required shape with proper pruning. So get up and add this great decorative element in your interiors.

Hibiscus Plant(Fastest Growing Plant in Tropical Environment)

Hibiscus flowers are another fast-growing plant that not only brings you fresh green foliage but also some bright blossoming flowers. Hibiscus plants can easily grow and grow really fast in any tropical environment without much effort. So if luckily you are living within such premises where you are already having a tropical environment. Hibiscus plant is a great choice to add to your house plant collection.

Hibiscus Plant(Fastest Growing Plant in Tropical Environment)

Even if you don’t naturally have a tropical environment you still don’t need to panic. As you can easily create that artificially and enjoy these beautiful blooming shrubs inside your home. These hibiscus plants are capable of growing quite big as they can grow bigger even 8 To  12 feet. So as the growth increases, you might have to transplant them outdoors.

But still, they are one of the most beautiful ways of adding freshness and brightness into your interiors or even outdoors. This hibiscus plant produces different colors of beautiful blooming flowers. if you have any particular choice make sure that you get one that you are selecting for your plant.

Snake plants(Fastest Growing Plant In Low Light)

Snake plants are also known as Sansevieria. These are your fastest-growing plants in low light. You can easily grow them in your premises and they would not die on you. Even if you neglect them for a while.

Snake plants(Fastest Growing Plant In Low Light)

This beautiful plant is known with different names one is “Mother in law’s tongue” this is quite funny. But humorously portray the real picture of this plant as its foliage is beautiful in colors having snake-like patterns in a different shade of green.

Moreover, its leaves look like a sword elegantly growing upwards and you can find it with the variety of colors on the edges. My favorite is the ones having gold at edges, but they are also available in grey and silver.

This planet is also known as one of the favorite plants of interior decorators for both homes and for offices as well. It is a good source for providing you with a good amount of oxygen. Moreover, a real pleasure for eyes when they are deprived of lush green views.

As far as care is concerned you don’t need to water them continuously, no fertilizers required. The only requirement is to place them in low light which makes it a great choice for your indoor fast-growing garden.

Bamboo Plants(Fastest Growing Plants For Fortune)

These plants are one of the easiest flourishing indoor premises, but definitely they are potential in their giant growth. So you need to be careful in choosing your indoor species that are specially cultivated and designed not to grow that high. A normal bamboo plant can grow up to 40 feet tall.

Bamboo Plants(Fastest Growing Plants For Fortune)

So for indoors, you need to choose some Bamboo like Spiral Bamboo or Bamboo stalks that can grow in a small pot and grow well indoors. If you are looking for good luck you should try with a Bamboo plant as they are famous to bring fortune to your place.

Moreover, they are lucky enough not to die in tough times and a long life companionship is waiting for you. They do not need much from you, no much water, no much light, and still provide you fresh air as they are great in removing air pollution. 

Bamboo not only imparts some freshness and elegant decoration to your interiors but also has a charm that brings you tranquility and calm. So it has all the qualities that make it a perfect ornamental as well as a functional plant for indoors.

Jasmine Plant (Fastest Growing Climbing Plants)

Jasmine is a real beauty that can thrive indoors as well. Who will not love to add the freshness, beauty, and aroma of this mesmerizing plant in his interiors? This plant can work wonders if you are trying to add fresh green elements into your Window decorations.

Jasmine Plant (Fastest Growing Climbing Plants)

The jasmine which I have added in my collection is the fastest growing climbing plant. As I have placed it in the most bright sunny window of my bedroom from where it climbs up and just gives a damn fresh look and awesome aroma to the whole premises.

Jasmine can grow well indoors but you need to provide it a few hours of direct and bright sunlight otherwise it may not grow very well. Nowadays so many varieties of Led Lights for Plant growth are available and help in the good and fast growth of indoor plants. 

If you don’t have a bright corner or a window shelf where you can get some direct light for your beautiful little fellow. You can also take help from these Led Lights for plant growth that can help your plant to thrive well. But definitely sunlight is a better option.

If you are living somewhere in cold weather then it’s better for you that you choose Jasminum polyanthum as your fellow. But if you’re living in some tropical region you can go with any member of the jasmine family as there is a big variety waiting for you.

Peace Lily (Fast Growing Indoor Plants From Seed)

If you are looking for a fast-growing plant that can grow well and you can even start from the seed. Peace Lily is a good start and just for you, these plants can grow up to two feet. Moreover, spread their blossom beauty and fragrance all around.

Peace Lily (Fast Growing Indoor Plants From Seed)

Peace Lily can be your showstopper and you can impress your family, your friends, and visitors. Most people don’t know that peace lilies are extremely easy to grow and low maintenance plants. They thrive well even in low light. This fast-growing plant in low light is a good option to grow indoors.

It makes your indoor premises beautiful and glamorous but, still easy to grow and can even grow it from the seed it is not so technical. You just need to properly watch the amount of potting soil. You require soil that can properly cover your seeds. The seed may vary in size; you probably only need to blanket the seed into the soil. 

Now water the soil that much so that it gets moist, In a while as the seed gets soft it’s about to mature. Lily plants don’t take much time for shooting out from the seed. But if you are looking for its maturity then you might have to wait for years to see the Lily blossoms. 

So if you are too excited to see the plant showing up with a blooming Lily you better adopt a plant that is already mature and that will thrive well indoors. Beauty apart peace Lily is also great in purifying the air around you, as it can purify some real dangers like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon.

Alert! If you have pets, especially kittens in the house then growing a peace Lily is not at all a good idea. Because peace lily is highly toxic for cats. Moreover, keep peace lilies away from your house if you have any allergy issues from pollens or flower fragrance. For the rest of the peace, Lily is best for all.

Cactus(Fastest Growing Plant With Seeds)

 If you are an Impatient Gardener and want to see the garden go green as soon as possible. Cactus is an all-time favorite of lazy gardeners, as it is easy to grow. It requires low light and gives you beautiful results in very few possible times.

Cactus(Fastest Growing Plant With Seeds)

While sitting on your office table this beautiful cactus plant not only imparts perfect decoration. But also keeps your environment clean as this little succulent is a good air purifier.

Moreover, you don’t need to spend extra attention to grow these little fellows, a little water in a while, and a little low light that is all it needs to grow. Still, they will be here for you in a long term relationship as they live a good long life.

Mostly cactus is very easy to grow, you can even grow from their seeds, and they are fast  growing plants with seeds. But I suggest if you want to multiply your collection instead of planting them as seeds you can propagate them from stems. So enjoy this fun plant for decoration and oxygen.

Artificial Environment Support To Grow Indoor Plants.

For plant lovers who want to grow indoor plant gardens and are restricted due to environment issues like light monitoring or proper watering. But the market has successfully filled the gap here i am presenting you with a few tried and tested mechanisms and miracles of science that can help you to bring your favourite plant indoors!

Hydroponics Indoor Growing System For Plants By Moistenland


  • Made of non toxic materials non toxic soil.
  • Boost photosynthesis process even in absence of natural light.
  • Equipped With Best Plant Growing Led lights
  • Helps you grow plants five times faster  than regular plants.
  • Water pump works for 30 mins rest for 30 mins
  • No hand pollination required due to air circulation system
  • Works best with even fast growing indoor plants from seed

Favours For Plant:

This unit is an extraordinary solution to grow your plants in absence of most of the natural elements.

For instance you don’t need any soil or pesticides, no antibiotics are required or aid is required to grow those plants.

Most of the materials used in this home gardening kit are non-toxic. 12 seed pods made of biochar mud that help you grow green and healthy plants easily, moreover, far better than other sponges.

It is equipped with auto controlled LED lights.After providing continuous 18 hours of good growing source to indoor plants they automatically switch off. And again will be providing healthy light to plants after taking 6 hours rest.

If you are in a hurry to grow your indoor kitchen herbs easier and faster this is your solution.

This is your best indoor plant cultivating unit. It provides your plant with all the living requirements. Such as required light for photosynthesis, air circulation unit for providing breeze effect to provide help in pollination. 

Moreover, it provides all the required water supply to the plants with the help of a small watering unit.


Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights By Grossy Lands


  • Adjustable temperature Led lights
  • Supports plant indoor growth in all stages
  • Help to plants grow better and faster
  • One or two or three tube light heat option
  • Sturdy, portable and flexible lights grips
  • Highly efficient with both, fast growing indoor plants low light and fast growing indoor climbing plants.

Favours For Plants

This LED light helps your plant grow faster and healthy by promoting the process of photosynthesis. It helps in increasing growth of your plant in any stage of growth. So your plant can grow as good as outdoors.


It comes along with timer options so you can adjust the timing of light and heat required by the plant according to plant type and need. You don’t need to take care of it everyday, you just need  to fix the timer once and it will take care of the rest.

You can set the brightness according to the need of the plants and its developmental stages. This light will help it grow better and faster in all can opt one or two or all three tube light heat help to grow your plant well even indoors in absence of sunlight.


You can even adjust the light direction, light intensity and even the light distance with its sturdy, strong yet flexible plastic grips.Moreover the quality is guaranteed as the product received with 30 days money back guarantee.


Fast Growing LEds Lights For Plants By Abonnylv


  • Easily Installable Led Lights For Plant Growth
  • Works in more than one direction
  • Larger lightening area
  • Rotatable to 360 degrees
  • Easily adjustable Tripod setting, with Three light heads 
  • 6 light intensity options & 3 lighting modes
  • Can work best with 
  • Timer option


This is your one of the best plant growing LED lights in the year 2020. it is modified with a classic floorstanding design which allows it to work for you in more than one direction. Moreover, is sufficient to provide proper light to more than one plant at a time

These LED lights are arranged on a beautiful tripod that is fully adjustable up to 15 inches to 47 inches. You can lock it at your desired height and take advantage of it.

This led is as good as sunlight for the growth and development of your indoor plant. You can adjust the brightness of lights and you can even adjust the mode of the lights according to your plant requirement. You can even easily switch it on or off.

This plant life will help your plant to get happy and grow healthy so they can thrive in bright sunlight. Its rotatable to 360 degrees with three extended heads which provide light illumination HR decide ine required angle

it’s not at all difficult to install you can install it in no more than 60 seconds just need fix the height of the tripod up to your requirement and it’s ready to work

This plant growing light is constructed of 315 LED little beads with 150 watt power. This LED light setup provides you with the brighter and larger light area that is perfect for faster and healthier growth of your plant.

That is the safest investment you can make for the fastest growth of a Indoor plants.

Grow lights for your plants with red and blue spectrum by the Leoter


  • Blend of blue red and full spectrum lights
  • Help in the fast growth of plants in all stages
  • Easy to install fully purposeful and nicely decorative
  • 10 adjustable levels fully dimmable to bright
  • Fully adjustable neck with four separate head to provide growth light to plants
  • Equipped with heat sink technology
  • Can work best for fastest growing plants with low light


This LED light setup for your plant growth is a perfect blend of 16 blue, 36 red and 28 full spectrum beads.

These LED lights are perfect companions of fast growth of all kinds of plants,fast growing indoor plants from seed, fast growing indoor plants low light, and fast growing indoor climbing plants. 

These help your plant from sprout to roots. Red and blue spectrum is very useful for blooming fruits and flowers. Getting the full spectrum is a mix of all lights, the white light actually helps in the fastest growth of your plants.

To help in different stages of growth of a plant these LED lights have 10 lightning modes. So you can provide your plant with 10 different levels of light according to the requirement of your plant. So now your plant will get its best growing light for photosynthesis even indoors.

Its installation is very easy, it is decorated and purposeful at the same time the table neck makes it flexible to 360 degrees and helps you support your plant growth indoors.

Comes with the heat control unit ,this unit evenly and efficiently dissipates the heat  in the atmosphere that is generated by the lamp.

End Note

Growth of indoor plants was a great concern for the indoor gardeners as the absence of proper light can definitely harm the growth of their plants. Those are supposed to shine up and beautify their indoor premises.

But in this article we didn’t only provide you with the best indoor plants that can grow fastest. But we also provide you with some modern tools that are magical in helping the fast growth of indoor plants.

These LED lights for plant growth work really well with indoor plants and help you to get your desired results with no much efforts and little investment. These lights are so brilliant that they assure the health and development of your plant in all stages. Now you are no more restricted to look into the atmosphere where you are living, to grow different types of plants.

As now you can grow any type of plants and these lights will help you to grow them nice and healthy. So buy one of your choice and get the best and fastest growth  for your plant.