How to Clean Your Houseplants Leaves and Body?


Indoor plants prove to be very significant for indoor decoration. They absorb carbon dioxide and toxins from the environment and purify the air. They keep oxygen flowing and relieve tension, stress, and one can work with better concentration.

How to clean indoor plant leaves

Indoor plants are very popular due to various reasons among house owners. They provide a fresh environment as well as they are a source of greenery. They should clean timely to make them good looking and to help them bloom.

The ways to clean indoor plants are several depending upon the type of plant, type of dirt and the type of leaves. The best way is to clean them with a piece of cloth, to duster or brush them, rinse them with water, clean the plants by the aid of a soapy solution.

The dusting of leaves using a feather duster

Dust layers on plants can be easily removed by the help of a feather duster. It proves to be very useful for the cleaning of leaves as it works very gently onto the leaves and stems to clean all dust particles. Ostrich feathers are the best type of feather duster.

Cleaning with a piece of cloth

One of the simplest methods of cleaning the leaves of indoor plants is by using a piece of cloth. You can use a damp cloth to clean all the dirt and extra soil from your leaves. This method is useful for plants having less and large leaves. But this method consumes both time and energy. So we will not recommend this method for plants having small and numerous leaves. The cloth should be soft enough to prevent scratching or destroying of the leaf surface.

Washing the plants under running water

When your plants are too much dirty and they are unable to get cleaned with the help of a damp cloth then you need another simple method. You should clean the pots and leaves of your indoor plants under running water. Make sure that the water should be lukewarm to prevent any danger to the plant body. After washing the pots pat dry the whole plants gently.

Using a soapy solution to clean indoor plants 

When the indoor plants are considerably dirty so they need some special treatments to get cleaned. To remove dirt and grime you need a soapy solution for the thorough cleaning of your indoor plants. To make a soapy solution you need a spray bottle. Add water in the bottle. Make sure that the water is not cold enough. Now add 1 of the fourth tablespoon of any dishwasher soap into the bottle and give it a gentle mix. Now spray to your plants properly. After spraying wash the leaves of your indoor plants under lukewarm water. Now dry the leaves gently.

Cleaning the indoor plants is not a difficult task but regular cleaning should be performed for the proper growth of your plants. The following are the methods that prove helpful for the cleaning of your indoor plants.

1. Cleaning plant leaves with coconut oil

  • Rub a few dabs of coconut oil onto the plant leaves and its stem. It will make their roots absorbent and moist. It will give the plant a healthy and dust-free finish
  • Coconut oil also acts as a natural weed killer for indoor plants


  • Coconut oil proves to be very beneficial for the cleaning of your indoor plants
  • It will also promote its growth. Coconut oil increases the shine of leaves
  • It produces an effective herbicide
  • For healthy and organic gardening you should use coconut oil for your plants


  • Where there are advantages of things, there also exist their disadvantages.
  • Coconut oil consists of plenty of amino acids. These fatty acids impair the ability of plants to photosynthesize

2. Cleaning plant leaves with olive oil

Mix olive oil with water and spray it onto your plant. It will give some shine to your plants and leave your plants dust-free.


  • Olive oil proves to be very significant for your garden and indoor plants
  • It increases the shine of plant leaves
  • To make your plants look healthy to use olive oil for them
  • It is also a source of killing pests


  • It poisons the water and also kills animal and plant life
  • Large damage to the plant body increases harms of bacterial infections and it may also alter the pH of the plant body
  • Oils also suck out essential nutrients and vitamins from the soil which are required for proper plant growth

Homemade plant cleaner

When your indoor plants are much dirty as they are unable to get cleaned with a brush or a piece of cloth then you need a solution to get your plants cleansed. You should prepare a homemade remedy to perform such a task.

To prepare a homemade plant cleaner take a spray bottle and add lukewarm water in it. Now add 1 of 4th tablespoon of dish soap and give it a good mix. Now you have your cleaner to clean your plants. Spray the prepared solution onto your plants and rinse it with lukewarm water to remove soil residue. After washing allow your plant to air dry or pat dry it with a tissue paper or a clean piece of cloth.

How to clean outdoor plant leaves?

Plants are very important for the external and internal environment. Their prime function is to purify the air. So clean plants of your home and garden add beauty to your surroundings. So outdoor plants are cleaned by various methods;

  • Outdoor plants are cleaned by the aid of the shower. Water with great pressure is showered onto the plants, so in this way, the leaves and body of the plant is properly cleaned
  • You can clean large leaves with a damp cloth. Microfiber cloth or cheesecloths work well for cleaning plant leaves
  • If you notice insects eating or landing your plants use a basic solution such a dishwashing liquid
  • Some plants have fluffy leaves. Use a soft paintbrush to clean dirt from these type of leaves
  • To make the leaves shiny rub a thin coat of mayonnaise over them. This method is useful for all type of plants
  • Some plant shinning spray is used onto the leaves to add shine. Use the spray which is only designed for outdoor plants

How to make homemade plant leaf shine

Cleaning of plants is very necessary. This adds beauty to plants as well as their surroundings. Photosynthesis is the process that occurs in plants. So plants with a cleaned surface can perform their tasks more efficiently. So you need to clean the plants completely. This can make the leaves shine and beautiful.

  • The first method is to spray your plants with water or other organic chemicals. It is the easiest method to make your plant leaves shine. Make sure that the solution is not too hot or too cold. If you are using any soapy or basic solution to clean the plant body than after spraying wash the whole body properly under lukewarm water
  • There are some indoor plants whose leaves are too large that they can easily be cleaned with the assistance of damp cloth. Make sure that the whole surface is completely cleaned and no droplets of water are left on the surface
  • Place a small amount of mayonnaise onto the leaf surface and rub it gently. Mayonnaise provides shine to the leaves of indoor plants. It also helps them to appear cleaned and attractive
  • Certain oils such as coconut oil and olive oil, when rubbed onto the leaf surface, provides leaf a dirt-free appearance and gives them a shine.
  • Spraying the leaves with organic commercial sprays can also add shine to leaves. These help plants to look presentable
  • Vinegar scent proves to be very beneficial in repelling pests and pets. Using a vinegar solution with water is very effective in getting rid of residue building onto the leaf surface. Mix one teaspoon of vinegar in one gallon of water. Then dip a cloth to your solution and apply gently to your plants. This will aid to clean the plant body and will add shine to the leaves. Lemon juice can also be used instead of vinegar. Unlike vinegar and water solution, lemon juice and water solution would not get you rid of pests but it is a source of dissolving mineral deposits from hard water suspended on leaves
There are several methods and several products to make plants leaf shine. But be aware that the products you are using do not impart any harsh effects to your plant surface. You can imply the methods discussed above timely for the maintenance of your plants.


We have tried to help you in teaching essential methods to take care of indoor and outdoor plants. We hope it will be helpful for you. If you are still facing some issues regarding any of the above, feel free to contact us, we will be very happy to assist you.